Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.”

Getting up and running is hard! I’m waiting for that feeling people talk about… You know the one…
“I want to run and feel bad when I
Don’t” feeling …

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Is it already April?

I can’t believe that it’s already April 3rd! What have I’ve been doing with my time?
Well … It seems everything!
I was sick for 3 weeks. We had the kids Spring Break last week, and now it’s time to get off my butt and start working out on a regular schedule!
This week I’m pulling out my day-timer, and writing in my me time!
That’s Right Family its time for mom!
Love you~ but if I really want to run this Princess 1/2 Marathon I’m going to have to let y’all do some things on your own!


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Are you kidding me?

I had a really good week last week. Pain in my arm was under control, and I was power walking every other day. Working on my diet. Zero fast food and no soda.
Well… What do I get for being a good girl, and following the program ? An upper respiratory infection!! I’ve been in bed for four days!
I stare longingly at my treadmill hoping I’ll start feeling better soon, I can’t wait to jump back on!

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Everyday I’m shufflin’ Shufflin’, shufflin’

Ok, Boys and Girls… I will not Allow my arthritis to get the best of me.
I might have to slow down, take a break and cry… But it will not beat me!!!
It was a beautiful day in Portland, and even though I could only walk for 17 minutes – I still did it!
The pain was tolerable until the end of my half mile.
I might take two steps forward, and one step back in my goals, but I see the light, and it looks bright!

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A bad day turned good

Thought I would share – My doctor gave me Meloxicam for my arthritis today.
I usually won’t take strong medications, because of Vioxx craziness.
Today I woke up, and could hardly move my left shoulder.
I called the doctor, and realized that sometimes I need help with the pain …
Stupid psoriatic arthritis~
On a good note feeling a bit better tonight, and I hope to be back training tomorrow.
Wish me luck…

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Have the Treadmill set up in my bedroom for cold and rainy Portland days


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Leap Day

Are you kidding me? The week I decide to start my marathon training its colder than heck outside!

I spent my morning checking the windows to look for a break in the weather this morning. Around noon I see the snow has melted, and there isn’t any precipitation from our Portland sky’s. I quickly bundle up and head out the door. Of course half way through my trail the clouds become lower, and drench me in HAIL! OMgosh…. well my power walk quickly turned into a fast jog!

I’m going to have to move my treadmill out of my sons room so I can train. Stupid,crummy winter weather! Yes… I’m a wimp!

On a more positive note… It really felt good coming home, and knowing that I tried.

My positive quote for the day:

“If you’re faithful to your daily practicing, you will find you progress is encouraging.~ Berlioz (The Aristocats)”




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